Starting a conversation about the future of our universities

university_vision is about starting a conversation to explore the issues and challenges facing universities in the future. We want to ask the big questions about how and where universities need to position themselves to deliver the knowledge, networks and communities our country needs.

It has been a dramatic few years for universities. There have been many debates, discussions and decisions but few have been led by the sector itself. University leaders and students have been consulted along the way but have not been in the driving seat.

As a result, we now have a sector that is unable to grow to meet demand and lacks clarity about how universities fit within the wider economic and social vision. Responding to current debates around fees and access limits us to the same conversations we have been having for the past ten years. We need to create a different paradigm for exploration, challenge and debate. Given the right vision and ambition universities will play a critical role in shaping and transforming this country’s future economy and society.

The project has been a big collaborative effort, involving experts from around the country. Together we have explored what possible futures might look like and what each might mean for universities. These challenging visions for our sector are not predictions, they are provocations to get us thinking about the social and economic role universities could play in our country’s future.

We hope you will join us in the debate.