Top 10 Universities in UK

Everyone will dream of studying in top UK universities due to the quality of education offered by the institutions. Alongside USA, UK universities are highly rated for their huge contribution in producing competent and very useful graduates. The government is a great contributor of the high quality education, giving out necessary facilities and subsidies needed for quality education. Here are some of the top UK universities you should consider

  1. University of Cambridge

It with without doubt the best university in UK, and is in the 4th position in world rankings. Talk of quality education and this is the right deal for you. Since 1209, it has offered world class services to students from different parts of the world and hosts a huge population of about 19,000 students,

  1. University of Oxford

It is the earliest university in UK and is ranked 2nd in UK and 6th in the world. It is a highly prestigious institution that almost everyone dreams of. The most notable thing about this university is that it has produced over 20 UK prime ministers and about 27 Nobel Prize winners.

  1. University College London

This is the best university in London and the world’s 7th best. Recent research has found out that 40% of the students in this university are from outside UK. It has established the necessary international grounds for hosting students from all over and creating an enabling environment as well.

  1. Imperial College London

It completes the worlds 10 best universities in this year’s rankings. It is highly recognized all over the world because of its innovation and research impact. It was also the first academic center to offer health science education

  1. University of Edinburgh

This is the best university in Scotland. It started in 1852 as a premier research institution under the Russell Group and has since grown up to the world’s 19th rank.

  1. Kings College London

It is well known for its proficiency in offering medical studies and research. It also hosts the first nursing school, the Nightingale Faculty of Midwifery and Nursing.

  1. University of Manchester

This is another university established under the Russell group and is ranked 29th in the world. It is among the highest populated campus across UK and is termed as biggest UK single campus.

  1. London School of Economics and Political Science

It is the 37th in world rankings together with the Kyoto University of Japan. It is known for its specialization in social sciences and its ability to host almost 10,000 students.

  1. University of Bristol

It also lies under the highly prestigious Russell group and has a reputation of high-impact research and is ranked 42nd in the world.

  1. University of Warwick

It is a self-contained university that is located on the outskirts of Coventry. It has risen fast within the past years having just established 51 years ago. It is an international university that offer world class courses and studies.

If you want to study in the UK, these are the top 10 best universities that you should consider for your studies.